I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this any more!!

This election cycle has demonstrated the partisan nature of the Main Stream Media (MSM). The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column that is inimicable to the values we hold and it is time to reduce their power. It is said you shouldn't pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the tanker load, but sometimes we have to take on the Goliaths. This website is intended to encourage those of us who have good ideas as to how we might undertake this process and to remind the rest of us that we are not the only ones harboring these attitudes.

One thing we can do is react to their partisanship. Your purchase, distribution and wearing of THIS button will contribute to that end. It will also help finance our efforts in this direction. If we get enough "Buttonmen" (and "Buttonwomen") perhaps the Main Stream Media will feel the "hit."

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for $3

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100 Buttons
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Before you "DePress" the Check Out Button, make your comments on the Bulletin Boards associated with each page on this website. The Bulletin Board below is for General Comments, but the Special Purpose Bulletin Boards noted on the left may be better suited to your specific comments.

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